collage by monica brand
“I grew up ten minutes from the beach in Encinitas, California. It was during a seven-year drought. I just assumed that the weather everywhere, was 72.5 degrees, cloudy in the morning to burn off in the afternoon. It rained only a few days per year. That was our winter.

The beach was my solace. After school, most days I would head to the ocean. No matter what life was throwing at me, the crashing of the waves, the power of the water, and the sinking sound as the sand swallow up the water, calmed me. I asked the ocean questions, and heard in return, clarity.

 I learned to swim in the ocean. The water was tepid, and the waves enveloped me as I dove under them. There was a sanctuary under the force of the wave, where if I kept my body straight as log, I could feel the wave roll over me.

I was daring, I swam out passed the origin of the waves, to serene waters. I would float on my back and watch the sun sink into the horizon, shooting out crimson and ochre colors into the sky. Those waters calmed and quenched my soul.”
-Natalie Tyler

Finding inspiration from nature's transformations, artist Natalie Tyler explores the beauty and intelligence in things that are otherwise forgotten. Objects become poetic symbols to describe deeper senses of being. Birth, growth, death and regeneration are threads that run throughout her work. Using bronze and glass Natalie archives natural forms, creating an environment of discovery and closer inspection for the viewer.

August 2012