“I feel the familiar surge of peace on the ferry. Climbing the steps to the deck, the sun warms my body, and it makes me smile. My romantic summer memories are no longer things of the past. They are right here, beneath me, in the rolling sapphire blue of the Aegean Sea. I begin my journey back to the Cyclades.
Once on the island of Tinos, I breathe in my surroundings. Leaving the shore behind, a swim in the sea brings on a new meaning of calm and makes me aware of my own vitality. I meet a deep-sea fisherman who offers me a shell as a gift. We swim in the sea, dive off hidden rocks, and carve images in the stones with his fish knife. On Livada Beach, we eat lunch with wild goats that call the shore home.
One of my favorite beaches is Aqios Fokas- sheltered from the north winds of the Aegean Sea, just minutes outside town.  At Marathia Restaurant, I join the locals in eating fresh fish, relaxing with my feet in the sand as we watch the boats pass to and from other islands.
I go to the ancient capital of Kionia to visit friends, and drop my bags in Vega Apartments, my must-stay villa.  It is a collection of studio apartments at the top of a hill, which embraces panoramic views of the sea.  I study the pink streaks of the sunset mirrored in the massive body of water and listen to the sea lapping at the shore.”
~ Susan Bartholomew
Susan Bartholomew is the founder of  Eye of the Sea Jewelry, inspired by the island of Tinos, Greece. “It is a reminder that we are all full of life, love and have the power and courage to change our lives and discover our own sense of calm,” writes Susan.
July 2013

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