SWIM by Evita Robinson of Nomadness Travel Tribe
  “The first Nomadness Travel Tribe beach trip was to Bocas Del Toro, Panama. Eighteen of us, many meeting for the first time offline, stayed in an eco-friendly oasis. Across the dirt road was the wide ocean surrounded by coconut trees.  The overgrown habitat featured a rough pool. It was overwhelmingly beautiful. 
For a week, I fell asleep to the sound of crashing waves. Each morning, the sun would shine off the ocean in warm greeting. The truth is, I was never a beach person. It had its moments, but I was more an admirer of the atmosphere- gentle winds and the energy of the ocean. The environmental sounds and scents always got me, rather than the beach, itself. It was on this trip that I developed a new respect for the power and grace of the sea.” 
Bluff Beach Retreat
~Evita Robinson
Evita Robinson is a world traveler and the creator of Nomadness TV. 

January 2014

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