SWIM by Amely Greeven
"Swimming in the mountains has its own special grace. Winter, up here, is about woman-as-bear. Sinking deep, under the weight of snow and long nights, into the dark, inner realms, to contemplate, dream, and gestate the future. There is a feeling of being an anchor; descending into slumber to keep the world on its axis.
But then the lengthening days of April, May and June pull us up to the surface. Summer comes finally — July! — and with it, the exquisite pleasure of shedding. Clothes. Gloves. Functional footwear. The wildly bright earth feeds new data to our cells: Get naked, bare your elegant spine and your eager soles. And — please— swim all over my surfaces: secluded lakes; tumbling rivers, steaming hot springs under the moonlight.
We slip in, gladly, to experience the other side of ourselves. Weightless; thoughtless; beautifully adrift.
In water, you remember your liquid nature. It is said that water is divine Light in material form. When your body — seventy-percent aqua — merges into a freshwater lake, you are water meeting water; Light meeting Light. No wonder it feels like the most heavenly coming home.
Maybe only mountain women know this moment, when woman-as-bear becomes woman-as-nymph — spontaneous, capricious, unpredictably turned on and equally important to the balance of all things. We swim, watched by reverent trees and tickled by fish, and feel the ripples of our most holy feminine nature —animator of nature, confidante of the clouds."
-Amely Greeven  
Amely Greeven lives and writes in Teton County, Wyoming ANd California. 

August 2012