SWIM: ANDAMAN ISLANDS, INDIA with Shadoh Punnapuzha of ARYA Essentials
  “I have spent every summer since childhood in India. I cherish many memories of the beach. The Andaman Islands, situated off the west coast of India and close to Myanmar, are my favorite.

Landing in Port Blaire, a ferry transports one to Havelock Island. The island is a purist’s paradise- untouched, undeveloped and authentically itself. Rent a scooter to explore. A two-lane road connects the few towns. Ride past pristine blue water, luscious green jungle, and food stalls where smells of spices and freshly baked bread fill the air. The island’s community is warm hearted and inviting- greeting visitors with broad smiles.

Radha Nagar Beach is surrounded by a beautiful green landscape. The soft sand feels like grains of sugar. One hears nothing but the rhythmic waves of the sea. The air is balmy. The sea is calm, perfect for leisurely swims. Drifting on the surface in bliss, ones body is weightless , transported. A serene world without stress or worry, swimming the Andaman Sea is a form of meditation.

On the final day, go snorkeling around one of the surrounding islands. The crystal clear water is filled with bright and colorful fish, darting playfully. Watch brilliant coral reefs sway in the currents. It is a dreamlike experience. Conclude the swim with a picnic on the beach, lounging beneath coconut trees with champagne and a tomato-fish-prawn feast. Look out on the endless blue horizon.

I am so grateful that I have experienced this wonderful place and know the memory will live with me always.“

STAY: Goa, India is one of my favorite beach spots. This Portuguese influenced state has a very bohemian vibe, with amazing restaurants and lounges. Stay at The Leela. The food, service, location and beautiful villas make it an incredible place to decompress and get away from it all. 

~ Shadoh Punnapuzha 

Shadoh Punnapuzha is the founder of Arya Essentials, an all-natural luxury beauty line inspired by Ayurveda, a system of natural healing steeped in tradition that is native to India. Born to parents of Indian origin, she was raised in New York and Kerala, India and has traveled extensively. Throughout her childhood the importance of Ayurveda was ingrained and integrated in daily life. Shadoh's desire to share this ancient science with the modern world serves as the motivation for Arya Essentials.