For the week where we all, no matter what our age, get a golden ticketimage-6240078-10451141 to play dress upimage-6240078-10731106, we’re looking to the iconic, city-defining structures of the world’s most renowned architects for hyper–constructed, performative costume inspiration.The Guggenheim Bilbao—the curvaceous, free-form global calling card of Basque country; Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia—a gothicimage-6240078-10451141 basilica turned nouveau masterpiece. These are the unambiguous statement piecesimage-6240078-10731106 of the towns they reside in. Storied structures. Destinations and characters in their own right. And now, the point of vision for a gold-dipped, decidedly glamorous woman. She’s taking a trip through the structures of these buildings and dressing herself in their image to match.
-Ashley Simpson

October 2012