collage by warrior heart
  “It started with base human sensation. An instinct to lay the old bike behind the rocks and dry grass. To walk up the slit of water and follow it to the sky. My heart pounding, legs wobbling, the delicious tension of adventure. Knowing this is an unforgettable moment. I am walking to the edge of the earth, over what looks like moon rock, sharp, jagged peaks that drop deep. I hear pounding, crashing. The thundering vibration builds.  I am alone in this thrilling moment.  Absolutely wild sea crashing. I could die here. I could fly off the cliff to heaven. A dream force reckoning.”
STAY: Paxos, Greece

~River Burke
River Burke designs the Seattle-based jewelry line River Song. Her upcoming destinations are Mexico City & Istanbul.

April 2013

TAGS:     swim Greece river song