An object of sacrifice in Ancient Greece, an offering to the Gods in exchange for the sun. The mythical Golden Fleece, tied to an oak tree in the sacred grove of Ares.
And the creator of the first man from the clay of the Nile. Khnum in Egyptian Myth. A
horn blown in celebration, an announcement of biblical forgiveness from the peaks of Mount Sinai. A covenant cornet, trumpet of memorials and jubilees.
The ram is ubiquitous in our old world narratives. A beautiful, mountain dwelling creature that calls to mind a sand-colored, wool-draped drifter and the
myth of our choosing. Maybe he’s a friend of Madame d’Aulnoy’s fairy tale creation, or a god, calling on the rain, after a harsh, dry winter in Nigeria.
He’s the inspiration behind a metallic bronze, curl-patterned gown worn by Ingrid Bergman in the days of Casablanca, a glam re-imagining of a classic beauty on the run; the original Mediterranean wanderer.
Marilyn Monroe in a cream-colored bikini, arrow aimed
, tense and posed. Today a woman perches atop a dune in the Arabian Desert with the desert shots of Eve Arnold in mind. She’s of an ancient era; a swirling, stomping migrant deity come to life as the embodiment of Aries, the first sign of the Zodiac.

Fiery and impulsive. A symbol of rebirth and renewal.


-Ashley Simpson