If we look to the etymology of the word “pirate,” we see that it stems from the ancient Green word “πεῖρα,” meaning an attempt or experience. This winter, beauty has everything to do with experiencing the new, and attempting the bold. Since when did the term “pirate” have to be limited to a crusty criminal, or Captain Jack?
Beauty inspired by pirates is imaginative for the fall to winter seasonal transition, as the mystery of the sea lulls us closer. From daring eye shadow in shades of lapis, violet, and gold, to sacred pendants and cuffs, the spirit of being adrift amongst the waves should be embraced.  A hint of ocean blue lines your eyes and a dash of fuchsia shadow alludes to an aesthetic inspiration that is part ocean-based, part Blackbeard bold, and not without the beauty of a more bohemian, modern day traveler. Sparrow’s soulimage-6240078-10451141 and ship mate, Kate Moss as Captain Kiddsailing the coast of Brazil in fall circa the days of Bryon Haskin’s original Treasure Island.
As a fearless crusader, you’re free to wear your gems proud as you travel between worlds.  Hair is messy and untamed, worn in a braid or under the brim of a trusty, slouched hat. It’s a slightly undone look—complete with jewel toned ayes and slightly shameless, booty-referencing touches.
With a dab of glitter, you are ready to see the world, just as the world is ready to see you. Set your sights on the daring, and sail towards the sun.
-Averie Timm
November 2012