NOMAD SWIM: Bi-Coastal Swimming by Laura Rubin of AllSwell
  Embrace jet-lag. That’s my mantra.
I’m fortunate to split my time between coasts, back and forth primarily between Montauk, New York and Venice, California. In the process, jet-lag and I have become friends. I don’t fight it anymore. Now it provides a cache of found quiet time.
And in the hours when the world outside is sleeping but I’m frustratingly awake, rather than tossing in bed I go to the water’s edge. This practice has yielded some magical swims. Midnight bathing by the full moon in the coves of Montauk; wading into the waters of Malibu at first light; paddling out in Venice just as dawn appears.
And I like to bring provisions. Make a moment out of it. Fill a thermos, spread a blanket, peel an orange, bring along a notebook for jotting. It was a morning like this that inspired the creation of AllSwell. A bleary-eyed surf check yielded no waves but I sat down and wrote in my notebook instead: “Swell or no swell, all’s well.” Even though the waves were elusive, I found an idea.
In the water I am inspired to float. I love the experience of having my ears below the surface, letting my body drift.
The best swim experience I’ve ever had was night diving in a bioluminescent bay in Guanica, Puerto Rico. It looked as if the sea were full of stars.
My favorite sea souvenir is a sculptural piece of driftwood I inherited from my Great Aunt Ruth. She found it on Deer Isle, Maine and it hangs on the wall of my living room in New York.
My dream swim experience would be swimming with whales.
How does Nomad-Chic spirit manifest in your work?
The creative drive to explore, to pause and appreciate, an unceasing curiosity, a desire to preserve natural beauty and culture.

Travel tips?

Montauk Provisions:
Check out the weekly farmer’s market on Thursday mornings in the center of town.
Montauk Lodging:
Splash out and get a room at The Crow’s Nest. You’re on the bay side, still close to water but away from the summer congestion of Ditch Plains.
Venice Provisions:
I viscerally crave the Silver Strawberry from Moon Juice on Rose Ave but you can’t go wrong with any of their offerings.
Venice Lodging:
Airbnb is probably your best bet for something low key and near the beach. Just make sure there are beach cruiser bikes with the rental so you can have a good wander.

~ Laura Rubin

Laura Rubin is the founder of AllSwell Creative  and Creative Director of Left Left Right. Brought together by a love of surf, sea and all things creative, the ladies behind KASSIA, Summer Bummer, EiR NYC, and AllSwell have joined forces to create “The Kit”, a zippered neoprene pouch filled with essential items perfectly suited for your next beachy adventure. Hailing from both the West and East coasts, the collaborators wanted to share their passion for surf, entrepreneurial spirits, and a mutual love of expressing themselves both on the waves and on paper.

Summer 2015