Collage by Monica Brand
Collage by Monica Brand
nomad  (ˈʊmæd)
via: French from Latin nomas
1.  a person who continually moves from place to place
2.  wanderer

chic  (shk)
1.  adopting or setting current fashions and styles
2.  sophisticated
The history of travel is filled with testosterone-laden tales of swashbuckling explorers sailing to the far ends of the globe. Pillage. Spillage. Seeds. Riches. Chaos. Plunder. Tradition and exotica morphing into modernity.
Old New World.
New Old World.
Fast-forward five hundred years into post-post modernism. Aka NOW.
Women are today’s adventurers, navigating between worlds. Seeking fame, fortune, fulfillment. Each woman her own compass. Mapping personal routes. Searching. Absorbing. Adapting. Refracting. Balancing the material and the cerebral; circling the globe via planes- or trains of thought. Leaving smaller, yet significantly inspired, footprints. 

August 2012