NOMAD CHIC SWIM by Molly R. Stern of M.R.S.
SWIM: JAMAICA by Molly R. Stern of MRS
  “When women feel good about themselves, life is better,” says makeup artist and clothing designer Molly R. Stern. 
IN THE WATER I AM INSPIRED TO…move like a ballerina.
MY SWIM STYLE IS…1940's synchronized swimmer meets neurotic Jew.  My head usually stays above the water. 
I CHANNEL MY NOMAD SELF DURING A SWIM BY…occasionally diving in the deep end and really giving the dive my all. 
MY FAVORITE LOCAL-ish SWIM DESTINATION…I grew up and live in LA.  I love a gorgeous pool, so most of my favorites spots are in friend's backyards.   
THE BEST SWIM EXPERIENCE I’VE EVER HAD…Learning how to snorkel from my then boyfriend, now husband, 12 years ago.    
MY FAVORITE SEA SOUVENIR IS…a rock with the number 8 (my favorite) naturally etched and designed by the universe, found washed up on Malibu beach by my dear friend on my wedding day.  
IF I COULD LIVE ANYWHERE BY THE SEA IT WOULD IT BE… Zuma Beach California.  It's where I grew up; it's nostalgic and innocent to me.  It's far away but still close.  
MY DREAM SWIM EXPERIENCE WOULD BE… to be able to breathe underwater without any gear or to have Olympic strength to race and win in a breast stroke competition.  
HOW DOES THE NOMAD SPIRIT MANIFEST IN YOUR WORK? My father is Hungarian and has always been raised me to embrace my Gypsy blood.  I welcome new efforts, events, locations and people.  New experiences encourage me to connect, to find life's spark, as when it's new, the possibilities are endless.    
FAVORITE SWIM QUOTE: "I don't need my floaties anymore" - all 3 of my kids.
~Molly R. Stern

For over 25 years Molly has been a trusted artist and influencer in Hollywood, known for focusing on the positive and bringing out the best in each of the women she touches. Molly is considered one of the foremost voices in the beauty industry creating iconic looks with her recognizable style working with the world’s most renowned photographers and artists  Her advice, wisdom and beauty tips are published regularly in international beauty magazines including Allure, InStyle, and Elle.

Fall 2014