MUGA SILK by Briana Blasko
Photography by Briana Blasko
“The process of documenting the Muga silk cultivation in the northeastern state of Assam felt extensive. I explored deep into forests searching for Muga caterpillars. Their cocoons, left behind after they’ve undergone the metamorphosis to moths, are gathered and the silk extracted. It’s an intricate, ancient process that makes it easy to see why the resulting fabrics are so cherished by the people of Assam.

I most love this image of Muga yarn being tied onto a loom because it shows the beginning moments in the life of single threads, before they are woven into scarves, saris, and gowns. From here, these golden, rare wild silks will make their way across the globe.”
-Briana Blasko
Briana Blasko’s photography has appeared in the New York Times and numerous other publications. In 2006, she contributed to Sharmila Desai’s book, Sristi, and in 2008, she worked on the collaborative book Cotton with the Upasana Design Studio. Currently, based in New Delhi, Briana is working on a photography book and exhibition about the dynamic relationship between Indian classical dance and hand woven textiles.  

September 2012