MOON SWIM by DO IT GIRL Sarah Durham Wilson
"I was just talking to my friend before I wrote this about the intensities that we are already feeling from this Full “Snow Moon” in Gemini and its Lunar Eclipse. It’s been a very intense November for many us. Blackouts, burnouts, retrogrades, and restlessness. I saw some very hard truths about how I've been living, and woke up to some very real feelings I had been suppressing. The intensity of the Scorpio Eclipse on the 15th plunged us into the Underworld, our Shadow side, the parts of us we’ve repressed or allowed to remain unforgiven, unloved, unseen.

I lead a women’s moon yoga circle that night- one hour devoted to the Goddess- part ceremony, part yoga, come visit – it was a New Moon eclipse so it seemed only fitting we called in the Dark Goddess, who shines light on what we deny and need healed, what we keep in the dark. In this way she leads us to healing and wholeness, but it is never an easy ride- still, we aren't here for "easy"- enlightening, heartbreaking, beautiful, transformative, yes but not easy. And this November's Dark Goddess* came on tough-love, illusion-shattering winds.  Anyway, we’re still in those dark waters of our underworlds, or the ‘divine unconscious’ as Harmony Mara refers to our inner tides, and in fact we’re diving deeper with Wednesday's events.  But still- I feel a nagging hope that won’t leave my heart alone, and there is more promise in the air now as the sun has entered the lighter energies of Sagittarius, preparing for the Rebirth of the Light on the Solstice, this 21st of December.

In the middle of the night last night, in that three-ish Witching Hour, I woke up with a start as the Moon, as bright as the floodlights of a stadium through my bedroom window and onto me in bed, spotlighted. She was hovering just outside the window. The last time she floated down before my window in the middle of the night was six months ago, when I was in the family cabin ten minutes down-island in Chilmark, just as I was finishing a few weeks of yoga teacher training. I don't recall her having shown this brightly or closely though, and last night she was just a sliver short of Full. She stayed out there so close and bright for just ten minutes or so and then she sunk away behind the dark twisted trees, but it was more than enough time to bathe in her white light lunar glow, to receive.

"Lead me from the unreal to the real..." It is enlightening, but yes, sometimes incredibly intense. Eclipses, as the fabulous Jungian Astrologer Cathy Pagano reminds us, are about choice. And now we can make our informed choices after seeing all we’ve been guided to see this year. This is our final Eclipse of the Year  and we are asked to check in with where we are in our personal evolution, and we are asked to finally make the healing and transformative choices to leave the old behind and move into the fifth dimension, to become our higher selves. Full Moons shine down so brightly to illuminate the areas we've isolated, forgotten, abandoned- so we may see. The Shamans at The Power Path herald this moon as a time for deep magic and celebration, and a powerful time of letting go.


DOITGIRL : Awakening the Divine Feminine
*If you haven't familiarized yourself with the Dark Goddess, and would like to, I suggest Marion Woodman's Dancing in the Flames or Demetra George's Mysteries of the Dark Moon: The Healing Power of the Dark Goddess. I also culled some fun information from the book Moon Magick: Myth & Magic, Crafts & Recipes, Rituals & Spells (Llewellyn's Practical Magick) by D.J. Conway, which I use for our women’s moon nights here on the Vineyard.

November 2012