Lana’i. A refuge. A sanctuary. Abandoned. A benevolent ghost island. Haunted with history and lava dust that stains the skin of everything. Solitude. Superstitions. Spirits. Silence. Steeped in myth and reverence. Every cove has a story. Every cliff a fairy tale. Travelers come to the island and camp out on the white sand until a rusting plantation shack becomes available to inhabit. Mountainsimage-6240078-10731106image-6240078-10731106image-6240078-10731106 and canyons1766xjnbhf07351189021842217image-6240078-10731106 and flower fieldslc116nswkqo9GCEAAHI9BAHDBBAGimage-6240078-10731106. Baysimage-6240078-10731106 and beachesp979r6Az42OVRTPPWXOQPWSQQPVimage-6240078-10731106. Golden light. Dancing with yourself. Dancing in yourself. Staying still for a moment. Falling in loveimage-6240078-10731106image-6240078-10731106. Allowing a place to fill you.

September 2012