KEE EDWARDS: Art, Books, and Films
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  What work of art, film, or book would you travel through if you could? Why?
Too too many...
1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus    by Charles C. Mann. What unbelievable cultures there were in the Americas.
The World We Used to Live In: Remembering the Powers of the Medicine Men. This is an incredible view into the mystery of the American Indian Medicine Men.
Alexandra Fuller's memoirs Don't Let's Go to The Dogs Tonight & Scribbling The Cat

Wendy Kann's memoir, Casting with a Fragile Thread: A Story of Sisters and Africa.

From Alice to Ocean Alone Across the Out.  I love Robyn Davidsons' adventure across Australia with camels and a dog.

Journeying through the dream cinematic anime world of Spirited Away would be fantastic.

There are so many gorgeous artistic vistas like Frida Kahlo's Mexico and Georgia O'Keeffe's Desert that I would love to travel through. Gauguin's Tahitian World. Tahiti and its culture were so untouched then.

September 2012