Photograph by Yvette Jong
“It's Ghost Day in Chinese culture and deceased ancestors are believed to visit the living in search of food and entertainment.  Downstairs from my flat, people are on the streets paying homage by lighting incense, presenting elaborately prepared food offerings, and laying out goods made of paper mache, which represent the luxuries that they might miss in heaven (or hell) — joss paper, gold bars, luxury cars, even body fat scales and effigies of pets. It's a somber moment for some, an act of filial piety for most, and a celebration for others. For me, it's culture at my doorstep.”
-Yvette Jong

Yvette Jong is the founder of Craft House LLC, based in Hong Kong. Craft House combines the global expertise of consultants from all parts of the hospitality industry in a holistic approach that streamlines all brand, creative and operating strategies. She is the most well traveled and chic nomad I know.

October 2012