During winter months, body and mind become restless, yearning for escape, a place to roam free and uninhibited. Winter can be tough, but tropical getaways revive us. The sound of palm leaves and a dip in warm, turquoise waters restore our spirit. Organic cotton and silk drape the body in relaxation. We regain our centered calmness. Holiday garments reflect this inner spirit. 

Resort wear fabrics mirror the graceful, eternal nature of the air and water to which we escape; flowing, diaphanous, and ceaseless like the beaches of Kauai and the Na Pali coast breeze. Kauai is a haven for poets, painters, and public personalities (Jennifer Aniston to Julianne Moore to Julia Roberts). Kauai style embodies its heavenly energy. Looks are languid, allowing one to move through the world without worryScarves and tunicsrq114elpdjh295733AB243A64439 become one with the warm, island air.  Floor length, tie dye silk maxi dresses mimic the tropical blooms. Swimsuits, cover-ups and head-wraps absorb the sea. Mellow days flow together and flowy resort styles, coupled with blissful moments, create a balance we’ve been longing for. 


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