Early September skin is golden, flushed with the warmth of long days lounging in relaxed radiance. As we ease into a new season, there is a way to preserve that summer glow. 
I’m a big believer in day spas, which offer countless therapeutic treatments. The mind can surrender and wander, dreaming about August afternoons or future travels, while the body is pampered. The most lux New York City day spa is The Spa at Mandarin Oriental. An easy urban ‘endless summer’ escape, Spa Castle is a grown-up beauty water park.
To ensure that one’s carefully cultivated hue -not a tan, but definitely a tone- lasts longer than a few weeks, partake in a full-body scrub. Sea salt is a mega-exfoliator, leaving skin soft and supple. Freshly scrubbed skin doused in Jojoba oils gleams.  A long steam followed by a cold shower awakens one’s senses and retains moisture.
For the face, a collagen facial will plump, tighten and rejuvenate.  After gently cleansing, the facialist exfoliates, removing the built-up layers of sunscreen and dead skin. Collagen replenishes proteins naturally found in the body, slowing the aging process and repairing damage.  A Crystal Collagen fabric
face mask is perfect for solo pampering.
Once home, continue to hydrate with cucumber water (1 cucumber, sliced and unpeeled, 2 liters of water, and ice or lemon or mint if you wish) and cool
green tea. And maybe plan a fantasy long weekend in October at The Setai or La Samanna. No matter where you are, the sun's embrace is always a few hours away.

-Ashleigh B. Ciucci

makeup artist.  
culture queen.

September 2012