FASHION: Style in Peru : Alta Moda by Mario Testino
photographs courtesy of Mario Testino; CLICK THE GOLD ARROW BELOW FOR THE NEXT SLIDE
COLLAGE : Peru & Style : Alta Moda by Mario Testino FASHION : Cusco Style , Peru : Alta Moda by Mario Testino
  Peru is an elevated country. At approximately 11,000 feet above sea level, the extreme altitude greatly influences the way of life of the people. Cold temperatures at high elevations necessitate the use of wool. Peruvian clothing is largely woven of thread spun from the warmth-retaining hair of llamas. The exposure to the sun atop the Andes Mountains necessitates head coverings. Hats of all kinds are central to the dress of Peruvians. Beyond their practical benefits, hats have evolved into wearable forms of ID. Within the communities in and around Cuzco, someone would be able to “read” a person’s headwear. It would communicate occupation, age, marital status, and most importantly, heritage.
~Anna Yanofsky
February 2014