design by priscilla young
design by priscilla young
  A common furniture staple in parts of Africa and Asia is the wooden headrest.  In Kenya, the wooden headrest is considered an indicator of status.  The small and unbalanced base makes the headrest a symbol of alertness and ability to spring quickly into action.  
A leader in 20th century furniture design, George Katsutoshi Nakashima is best known for his exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail.  He designs each piece with the philosophy that each tree has its own particular destiny with its own story to share.
The potential and flexibility of plywood is noted in Ray Komai ’s molded chair, manufactured in Brooklyn in 1949.  The twisted plywood with chrome legs adds a sophistication and uniqueness which easily accents contemporary or antique decor.
The Eames lounge chair and ottoman is stylish and comfortable, a cornerstone of modernist design.  The original chairs used Brazilian rosewood veneers and layers of plywood.  Since it’s original debut in 1956, this classic has been reproduced for progressive public spaces and stylish living rooms worldwide.
~ Rekha Krishnamurthi
Rekha Krishnamurthi is the founder of  DivineNY.
October 2013