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design by priscilla young
  “I’m thrilled it’s the autumn equinox- the turn of the wheel. Most people have an affinity for the season in which they were born, even a personality akin to the season in which they were born (I am a December baby) . 

The chillier days mark the time of the Dark Goddess, and set the stage for a mystical, spiritual time. As DJ Conway says in her book Moon Magick, the energy is “gentler, deeper, more hidden.” When the earth goes to sleep, some of us seem to come more alive. Mystics love the brisker days, the stars twinkle brightly at night, you can see your breath in the air and the wind seems to whisper messages from distant worlds.

Spring and summer are the time of the sun, more masculine energy, and the Equinox on Tuesday, September 23rd heralds the time of the moon. Masculine/Sun energy is that do-er, protective, penetrative, more practical energy. Feminine/Moon energy is more receptive, intuitive, dreamier and more creative. So this turn of the wheel marks a moment to have more time to the self, to tune in and listen and receive, to get a little bit more creative, dreamier. “The moon deities who represent reincarnation and deep spiritual mysteries now hold sway,” says DJ Conway.

The day of the Equinox itself marks a moment of great balance: in Latin the Equinox was called “Equal Night.” At the Equinox day and night are equal, making it a day of polarity: dark and light, destruction and creation, joy and sadness, and masculine and feminine energies are seeking balance. There is a heightened clarity of life- where you’ve been, where you are now, who are you, what has been harvested, and where you want to go. Everything rises now, to be seen, to be considered.
Wisdom of Astrology talks about the Pluto energy of the Equinox that quickens transformation, and it's rapid now that we're in the Year of the Water Snake. A constant shedding of the old and a constant, sense of new challenges, and life lessons. “It isn’t pretty, but it’s necessary.  As within so without,” she says.  “As people’s belief in our cultural institutions crumbles, so too, our inner belief that the traditional (father knows best…no offense to Dad…) is also crumbling. We have to stop thinking of ourselves as less than expected.  We need to discover our archetypal identity as teacher, healer, mother, father, bard, judge, artist etc.  We are so much more than we’ve been led to imagine.”

September 23rd Full Harvest Moon and the Equinox both mark times of celebration and gratitude for the harvest, spiritually and physically. Think of this time as Spiritual Thanksgiving. Be grateful for the year of lessons, growth, and love. The deeper the lessons, the more rich the fruit. Sit and receive.

The shift of seasons marks a time to tune in deeply to Earth Mother’s cycles of life-death- rebirth. The Waning energy we’re deepening into represents wisdom and repose. When faced with endings on many levels, spiritual, emotional, physical, there is the consolation of rebirth, the natural part of life and nature’s cycles, that the end precedes a rebirth. Pagans would call this Equinox “Mabon.”  This was a time our ancestors adorned graves with the symbols of rebirth and allowed death with grace and gratitude- they were in the flow. As this energy moves deeper into fall you may well feel that shift as relationships that were holding dead weight as well as dreams, ideas, and lingering thought patterns end. It’s a time to honor ancestors and the elderly. For me, it’s coming up on the anniversary of my grandmother’s death, so I will probably go to her favorite beach in Martha’s Vineyard and honor her with a small ceremony.

Finding a way to pause and honor things that have ended is appropriate to equinox time. It’s a time to rest after labor- you may feel you recently or are still in the process of birthing a new dream for yourself. Recall a time something big ended- a job, a relationship, a move, and then think about how that ending was actually a beginning of something else. This is the never-ending story of the cycles of our lives, death leading to rebirth. But first the death must happen, the letting go, to surrender to the rebirth. So again this Equinox gives us great pause to remember who we’ve been, what we may have lost, and honor those we have said goodbye to before moving forward.

As you release that which no longer fits, has been outgrown, holds you back from your full potential, or has simply run its course- by the very act of mentally making space you can start to call in and nurture bigger fresher dreams. Rumi says, “Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes back round in another form,”- now is a great time to remember that. 

Feast of Divine Life Ritual. 
From Moon Majick:
Contemplate the changes in your life at the changing of the seasons.
Perhaps somewhere outside as you watch the leaves gracefully fall.
Allow that what no longer serves you go- simply by drawing pictures in your mind and thanking and releasing.
Open your hands, close your eyes, and surrender to the cycles of life.

The harvest is realized. Now all life rests before the coming of the winter season. Light and darkness stand in balance. I bring the harvest of this year. Out of life comes death. Out of death again comes life. The universe and everything in it moves within this cycle. Every ending, ever renewing. Remove all negative seed thoughts that I have planted. Let me harvest only the seed thoughts that will bring me joy and abundance. Teach me to seek better things.

Mabon Blessings,

~Sarah Durham Wilson

Sarah Durham Wilson is the creator of DOITGIRL : Awakening the Divine Feminine.