via metro pictures
via metro pictures
For over 30 years Cindy Sherman has been constructing costumes, staging sets, creating personas. From black and white film stills to old master portraits to aging socialites to California characters, she also poses for her photographs.
Her journey of polymorphous incarnations was on display at Metro Pictures this past Spring. The show focused on a project for Dasha Zhukova's lifestyle magazine, Garage, using garments and accessories from Chanel’s archive. Splendid backgrounds, shot in Iceland and the isle of Capri, were transformed digitally to resemble 19th century landscape paintings. Life-sized, 1920s haute couture clad women dominate the frame, as nature plays a supporting role.
Cindy Sherman has been criticized for representing women as vulnerable or gruesome. In a WSJ interview, Sherman says that she's “sympathetic to her women characters.” Where some see only horrid, she sees tragic and humorous. At the core of Cindy Sherman’s art is a woman on a journey of self-transformation, playing dress-up all by herself in her studio.
-Aneta Glinkowska

Aneta Glinkowska is a Brooklyn-based art worker, co-founder of, the art listings and its apps. She manages the blog and listings from her living room, sharing the work/dining table with her partner and the floor with their infant daughter. Aneta studied Biology as an undergraduate and Film Studies as a graduate student. While living in Tokyo, working as a contributor to Tokyo Art Beat and the Japan Times, she began writing and making videos about contemporary art. A photographer and videographer, she's been an avid documentarian of her life, including art events she attends several times a week @perke. 

July 2012