At Nomad, we believe in multiple forms of travel – a jaunt to the balmy west coast of our favorite Southeast Asian island, a trip to ‘5os Paris by way of Truffaut, and perhaps most enduringly, the transitive journey implicit in a truly great read.

Travel begins with a book and a flashlight—the childhood equivalent of a ticket and a passport. A tent constructed from the familiar—the sofa cushions or dining room table draped with some dramatically printed sheets, bed covers perfumed with the scent of nights spent in deep, dream-filled sleep—becomes a protected vessel in which we begin to experiment with the idea of traveling far, far away. Anything might live beyond the walls of this handmade hideout. A moveable feast. A chilling night in Chile. A journey through the South Africa of forty years ago. The book in hand creates worlds both real and fantastical, while imagination allows us to picture how we might exist in them. Identities we are too young to live just yet, tried on like a gowns designed for parties not yet planned.
In the spirit of summer travel, we will be presenting the top lit lists of some of our favorite inspired Nomads. Selected works that they find inspiring, and continually turn back to for cultural, cerebral, quixotic escape. Words to read in the secluded shade of an oak tree, sipping cucumber & mint flavored water just steps from the ocean, or wherever home is – traveling by way of text.

~Ashley Simpson

May 2013