VARANASI WISHES by Briana Blasko
photography by Briana Blasko
"I walked down the steps of Assi Ghat to the banks of the Ganges River with a wish written on a scrap of paper. A little girl was selling handmade arrangements of flowers in bowl shaped leaves. The candle was lit, the wish positioned amongst the saffron colored petals. The object placed into the slow current, floating down the Holy River, to its final, unknowable destination."
-Briana Blasko

Briana Blasko’s photography has appeared in the New York Times and numerous other publications. In 2006, she contributed to Sharmila Desai’s book, Sristi, and in 2008, she worked on the collaborative book Cotton with the Upasana Design Studio. Currently, based in New Delhi, Briana is working on a photography book and exhibition about the dynamic relationship between Indian classical dance and hand woven textiles.