SWIM: JAMAICA by Molly R. Stern of MRS
NOMAD CHIC SWIM by Molly R. Stern of M.R.S.
  “The first time I saw what a snorkel mask did to my boyfriend's upper lip I laughed so hard it almost made my panic of swimming in the sea go away.  It was the summer of 2002 and my boyfriend of 5 months, who I was already badgering to marry me, and I went on holiday to Negril, Jamaica.  
Our gorgeous, Jamaican friend set us up with her local homies at the Rock House Hotel.  We were blown away by the grounds, the sky and the sea.  My darling Love has a natural ability to lead, in the vain of your favorite, rather hunky, camp counselor.  He was determined to teach me to snorkel.  I had never done so before, and I wasn't much of a swimmer.  I loved the beach and the pool...side.  

I loved finding or making punk rockish, feminine, flattering bathing costumes that made me feel like a post apocalyptic meets the1940's starlet I am sure I was in a past life or will be in a future one. I enjoy sunbathing under a large brimmed hat wearing vintage, designer sunglasses to shield my eyes and skin from burning. Swimming was merely a means to cool off my skin and allow whatever get up I had on to shimmer in the glaze of the daylight.  
This trip was different. This trip was an adventure.  Our first attempt was in the glorious salt-water pool outside our villa.  Here's the thing- it did not go well.  I swallowed water. I was petrified, I said it was impossible and he should go without me.  With humor, patience and encouragement, he coaxed me back in where he held me while I practiced taking in the clean air so I could, calmly, stare at the bottom of the pool.  
Finally, with a slight wave of confidence we dove off the cliff into the sea.  The water was perfect, the sun was warm and the rolling clouds added an element of mystery to this escapade.  I got my snorkel gear on and under the water we went, hand in hand, flipping our flippered feet.  

As any undersea documentary has shown, the magic and mystical energy of what lies beneath the ocean's surface leaves you spellbound and speechless.  The color, the slow motion of the botanical movement, and of course the sea life is breathtaking and inspiring.  Then again, the school of jelly fish we had to scurry from added an element of fear that my neurotic Jewish self couldn't handle for too long, so we ended up back on the rocks with our skin glistening and our pride elevated.  
It was a vacation of pure romance and escapade.  Little did I know he already had my engagement ring being made back in the city.  There, my pressure beat out my patience, and in the case of adventure in Jamaica, patience won over panic.”
~Molly R. Stern

In 1995 Molly established her lifestyle brand, m.r.s, representing motivation, radiance and style.  Molly understands Women and has the natural talent to inspire them to feel their most beautiful, putting the emphasis on individuality. Whether designing, applying makeup, or public speaking Molly encourages women to focus on what they like about themselves. Teaching women how to enhance those qualities has always been her singular goal.  Molly lives in Los Angeles, with her husband David and their three children.