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  “Our high school was located less than a mile from the white sand and aqua surf of Palm Beach. We spent mornings, afternoons and occasionally class periods, on the beach. We spent mornings, afternoons, and every class period in flip-flops. We packed our cars with extra suits and towels so no time was wasted stopping at home.
We learned to swim, snorkel, surf, skim and dive. We also learned about riptides, sunburns, sand burns and stings. We went there to be with friends. We went there to be alone. We went there to kiss our lovers, and then went back to cry when it didn’t work out.
We spent countless hours on the sand bar recapping the day in between diving under waves. We consumed countless numbers of subs, salt and vinegar chips and shakes on the shore. We alternated soccer matches and dance routines as predictably as the tide.
We will never forget the time we watched a school of dolphins preform acrobatics across the top of our water. Or the time we were there to see a nest of sea turtles climb their way to the surface and make a mad dash for the sea. Or the time we found a huge fish head washed up with a gaping half-moon arch where we can only imagine the body that used to be.
Or that time we found a Slip 'n Slide.  (We owe an entire summer of gratitude to whoever decided to pass that Slip 'n Slide forward.)
Or the time we stupidly decided to swim in the surf of tropical storm Katrina.
We will never forget the times we spent on our beach discussing our futures and goals and plotting ways to stay in each others lives forever.
We called our beach, Flagpole.
Our high school was located less than a mile from the white sand and aqua surf of Palm Beach.
We were so unbelievably lucky.”

STAY :  Casa Grand View 

~ Flagpole 
Megan Balch and Jaime Barker are the co-founders of  Flagpole Swim.

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