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  “The island of Tavarua is truly paradise. Close to the Fijian island of Viti Levu, a coral reef and transparent waters enclose Tavarua. Fiji is the ultimate dream destination- I had high expectations. I was excited, but also skeptical. I was essentially embarking on a trip to the beach –exotic and remote, but still a beach. It felt tiny and manageable—but it turned out to be so much more. The heart shaped island became my place of peace and clarity.
The inspiration for January Labs is natural beauty. The island calls me back to the source- ultimately, why I’m interested in sustainable skincare. On Tavarua, I found beauty in the obvious-- the blues in the deep ocean and the reds in the sunset’s horizon, but more profoundly I encountered beauty through an adventure that may at first have intimidated  (or even bored) me. My philosophy is- beauty starts from within. Living a simple life on a near perfect island is by definition, beautiful.”
STAY: Tavarua Island Resort 
~January Olds

January Olds is the founder of January Labs Skin Essentials, a natural skincare line.

September 2013

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