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  “My best swim experience was on the shores of Gozo, what a dreamy name, it is a mystical mysterious island in the Mediterranean just south of Malta. I have friends who own this chic boutique hotel, Hotel 37 in Munxar. It’s an enchanted place and practically unknown; it’s the island where Odysseus was seduced and held prisoner for several years by the nymph Calypso.
The seascapes are absolutely magical, and the water absolutely warm and inviting. There are wide sea water channels between cliffs, totally protected and private, but the water remains still, like a lap pool. There are no waves, and you can do laps for hours. It’s pure beauty. Each day on this island brings serenity.
The least memorable swim experience? It would have to be on the island of Phi Phi in Thailand. My friends and I took off from our boat and swam all the way to the beach. It was a far swim. When we finally got to the beach (by all accounts, amazing) I realized this was where the movie The Beach was shot, the scene where the shark was swimming and eating….Need I say more? When it was time to swim back to shore, I panicked. I couldn’t get to the boat fast enough. It was so beautiful. But I panicked. I arrived on the boat and I couldn’t breathe. It was my pure imagination.

You can gather I am not a fearless swimmer…but I am always a very chic one.”
Celine Kaplan


Celine is the vision behind the Public Relations for EresLADUREECire TrudonFrancis KurkdjianThe Webster, MONC XII and others. She’ll be traveling to Miami for swim week, and later, Culebra – “it’s supposed to be very deserted and beautiful and magical,” Celine explained.
June 2013