“My best friend was living in Monaco, working for a photographer. I had just graduated from college and moved in with her. My main focus was to travel, explore the South of France, and gather my thoughts- to return home with a clear mind.
We lived in a small loft apartment at Place des Moulins Le Continental, in the center of Monte-Carlo and close to the beaches. The go-to beach was Larvotto, located right below the apartment I shared with my best friend. We would skip down a few flights of steps and stand in the pebbles, admiring the crystal clear water. We spent a lot of time at the Port of Monaco. I would walk to the port every morning to meet her while she was working and we would admire the yachts and beautiful scenery. Over wine, espresso, and amazing food, luxe nomads gathered a world of dizzying cultures and backgrounds.
I lived in sundresses and rompers, and my bikini; wore ever pair of my flats and sandals out during my time there- as my friend and I walked everywhere. We frequented the Brasserie de Monaco and McCarthy’s, dined five (sometimes seven) course meals at every restaurant, and drank champagne and Prosecco all day and night. The easy-going, luxurious lifestyle of Monaco is contagious, and living directly above the Mediterranean Sea and exploring the Côte d'Azur was an experience of a lifetime.”
~Alexis Corry
Alexis Corry is the founder of Lex & Lynne

April 2013