design by rebecca johnson
design by rebecca johnson
  Caravans—or wagons built to live in—were first developed in France around 1810. Ornately painted, carved and decorated with gold leaf, these traveling homes took on intricate, fanciful designs straight out of Tony Duquette‘s magical world of interiors. They were part buttoned-up Victorian, part European bohemian, influenced by Art Deco, and undeniably lavish in aesthetic. Wherever you traveled in these mobile gypsy palaces, you went with eccentric luxury and a freedom all your own.     
Two centuries later, these luxe vintage caravans have us thinking about intricate interiors—the interior mental landscape, the interiors of the most romantic, luxurious caravans—and the women who inhabit them. We looked to a few of our favorites— women who shift into gypsy goddesses and embody a sense of unguarded spirit that transcends cultural space—and paired them with looks from the appropriately haute gypsy fall 2013 collections. These shows brought decorous, voluminous silhouettes—not the boxy structure modernist abstract graphic of last, and very much this season, but something easier, a bit more free spirited… They’re carefully embroidered, frilly, dramatically and romantically bothered looks. Tiers of fabric layer upon tiers of fame and tiers of time.    
You can imagine any of these looks on a Romani princess or Lady of the Canyon. They’re easy to incorporate into summer with volumes of vintage –(channel a bit of Stevie Nicks) & transition into fall.  There’s something undeniably romantic about the new gypsy chic.    
We imagine Marie Antoinette with an alternative ending- sent into exile and disguised as a gypsy, she moves through a hyper decorated precious rich countryside. Iconic actresses, like Elizabeth Taylor and Julie Christie, who create worlds of their own on screen and in private.  Women who have moved through each generation as free spirit eccentric icons.   Whether inhabiting the role of queen or courtesan there’s something regal, courtly and continually freeing about these transcendent characters.      
Let’s take a trip through the ages, the icons, and into fall 2013’s new interiors.
Wander through a century of wonder in the following slideshow:

~Ashley Simpson

July 2013