‘Eastern voices calling to you
Mystic magic oceans of blue
Timeless wonders cease to wonder
When you know the spell you're under is mine’

“Eastern Spell”
Tyrannosaurus Rex
Prophets, Seers & Sages: The Angels of the Ages
Mystics, belly dancers and gurus; rock n’ roll’s eastern voice is calling to you. Uncover the seemingly intrinsic convergence of melody and the 
transcendentaln1104z15u-yJQMOKKRSJLKOPLLOLimage-6240078-10451141. What is it about the Eastern hemisphere that has allowed it to become so deeply rooted in modern musical history? This cosmic pullk6115g04tzxIPLNJJQRIKJNOKKNK of the east has lured everyone from George Harrison, who studied meditation under Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in Northern India, to glitter rocker Marc Bolan, whose music8d102h48x20MTPRNNUVMONRSOORO of lush melodies was abound in Persian mythology. Embodying eastern world influences rock has shaped Western culture. Abstractions of celestial bodiesji98qmqeki3A6844BC354895585image-6240078-10451141 and arcane philosophies seem to weave countless throughout our favorite songs. Perhaps our hallowed rock godsh2103nswkqo9GCEAAHI9BAEFBBEBimage-6240078-10451141 have always possessed the perfect balance between the East and the West. From underground punk to electric folkob117p59y31NUQSOOVWNPOSTPPSPimage-6240078-10451141, the signs of the East are always there.

-Gina DellaGioia

September 2012