”Although I have traveled many places in the world, my love for New England has always been a strong one. Something in me has continuously gravitated northward. One trip that has resonated with me has been my travels through the Upper Valley, an area near the Connecticut River sprawling through New Hampshire and Vermont. New England beauty abounds, especially in the summer. There are rich greens, hills dusted with wildflowers, craggy rocks and deep crevices…secret places in the shadow of the woods for the silence of solitude and wonder. 

My initial visit to this area brought me to the many bodies of water here. Everywhere you turn, you encounter placid marshes, twisting creeks and tributaries meandering into the dense foliage. I was fortunate enough to be a guest of a family who lived on Lake Sunapee. Each evening, I would sit on the dock and simply listen. Closing my eyes, I could feel nothing but a great awe and a strange pang of nostalgia that twisted feverishly in my heart. I would gaze at my silhouette in the ripples of water and wait tranquilly for the moment most magical—that of the setting sun across the waters…a bright star ablaze in the heavens streaking the sky with it’s fiery tribute. I was a solitary witness, drinking the air as if it were nectar and quietly honoring the sun as it melted into the horizon.

Stay: The Norwich Inn, VT

-Lauren Saraswati Zavlunov
Lauren Saraswati Zavlunov is the owner of the online boutique Jewels of Saraswati
November 2012