Positano, Italy evokes breezy, European luxuryimage-6240078-10451141. In the middle of a New York City heat wave, I’ve been dreaming of its beauty. Nestled into the crag of the Southwestern part of the Italian peninsula, Positano has been a mellow getaway for those who love their blissed out privacy and a magnet for celebsimage-6240078-10451141 like Sophia Loren and Julia Roberts. Glamorous women walk the cobblestoned streets arching thick eyebrows, strategically placed moles and supple rosebud lips pursed. The quintessential look is platform espadrilles and vintage sundresses, glints of delicate gold jewelry, sun kissed skin (think sensual Italian air kisses as opposed to antiquated Ban-de-Soleil leather duress) and damp hair. The attitudeimage-6240078-10451141 is easy and intimate. The lush waterfalls and tropical plants are offset by the brightly colored homes on the hillside.
Spiaggia Grande beach is THE place to bring your handmade raffia bag stuffed with a faded Hermes towel, flea market tortoiseshell sunglasses (personalized lenses, of course), a noir novel, and
major sunscreen. Park your sun-kissed body under an ‘ombrellone’ (beach umbrella) as the warm Mediterranean Sea beckons. A lounge in its warm azure water leaves your hair textured and wavy and your skin smooth, supple, and shining after a salty and soft body scrub. Relaxed nights are spent at Il San Pietro di Positano, lulled by the moonlight on a private terrace overlooking the sea,  scented flowers from the local garden in a handpainted vase beside the bed.
Since Positano is known for Limoncello, this is an invitation to play with yellow makeup on glowing skin. The essence of local citrus permeates beauty. A subtle
essential oil on the pulse points is transformative. A sheer shadow with hints of bright midday sun brings out the bronze in any skin tone. Eyeliner draws attention to the shape of your eye. Even a matte lemon colored pedicure can be a sensory escape to this magical Mediterranean destination. 

-Ashleigh B. Ciucci

August 2012