NOMAD OF THE WEEK :   Maui  My  Way
courtesy of nomad-chic
  At a recent brunch at abc kitchen, I asked an old college roommate, sophisticated, gorgeous, a biomedical ethicist with a law degree who analyzes adolescent psychology (!) where she would live if not in NYC. Without hesitation, she answered Hawaii.
What is so alluring to this woman, the quintessential New Yorker, about Hawaii?
I can relate to why Hawaii is the perfect counterpoint to the Gotham hustle.
On a ‘Maui My Way’ press trip in June 2011, with a NOMAD CHIC itinerary that read “Assignment: authentic experiences, cultural, indigenous, non-touristy, chic, artisanal, art/design/beauty/fashion, stylish, sophisticated, unique, local, classy“ this is what I found.

July 2012