collage by monica brand
collage by monica brand
“Fate gives all of us three teachers, three friends, three enemies, and three great loves in our lives. But these twelve are always disguised, and we can never know which one is which until we’ve loved them, left them, or fought them.” ~Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram
They used to say I was the best-read person.
The best red.
How cleverimage-6240078-10731106.
I just had the time.
I needed to be traveling.
But I was tethered to a job or a place or somethingimage-6240078-10451141.
So I read.

I red.
This was not an indulgence.
I had no choice.
My books were my lovers.
And when my lovers were real, I read them.
Until I was done.
My heart kneaded itself into a globe.
Until it became the unbearable brightness of not breeding.
Vagabond spirits blur boundaries.
All my past loves are now fathers of daughters.
How many moments does it take to skin a ripe fruit?
I wish the globe was ours.
I wish I were a young mother.
I wish I knew how to love a mate as much as I have loved books.
I wish I could read my favorite books for the first time again. 

Shantaram isn't even my favorite travel book.
The Alexandria Quartet is.
Or was.

Except it’s four books.
So maybe it doesn’t count as a book.
I don’t know. 
I’m not certain- just, well…

September 2012