collage by Monica Brand
By Thursday’s, all I want is to be in the water… floating in the Caribbean, catching swells off the coast of Long Island, soaking somewhere in the Berkshires - totally removed, yet just a few hours away from my Thursday state of mind.
To enter the water is to leave the material world behind. From seas of saline aquamarine to lakes like amber bathwater, swimming means an escape for as long as you can stay submerged-  re-entry replete with a coat of nature’s gilding and a calm exhilaration.
We think of the music we love in much the same way – as a medium for entering another space and stepping away from the pressures of our immediate surroundings. In celebration of these two modes of self-centering escape, we give you a playlist of our favorite beach-related tunes—a Phil Phillips love song delivered in mournful sobriety by the ever-soulful Cat Power, a guitar-driven trip home by dream pop duo Beach House, and an exposition on the ocean as anchor from Icelandic songstress Bjork, among others.

These tracks are inspired by our favorite swimming memories, bodies of water, and the moments that keep us coming back to ourselves.
  • -Ashley Simpson

October 2012

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