NATURE By Natalie Tyler
photograph courtesy of Natalie Tyler
“The little yellow flowers are the first sign that it is time to stop watering the tomato plant. If watered too often, the roots won’t search for water, the tomatoes the plant produces will be mealy and tasteless. When dry-farmed, the roots are forced to dig deeper and search for water. It is that struggle that creates the sweetest fruit.

In my search for water, I have been a gypsy, spending years, traveling to and living in California, New York, Italy and Ireland. Meeting people filled with stories, in their own divine quest for deeper understanding of their own soul. Really, isn’t that what our life experience is?

We as humans tend to complicate things, probably by questioning so much. Nature has been my greatest teacher. Nature’s systems are perfect, and instinctually more intelligent than our own path.

In studying nest building by insects like the honey bees, and paper wasps, I have been inspired by what it means for creatures to construct a safe place to retreat to, a home. They use the most fragile materials, like wax and paper to create geometric structures strong enough to hold their food, their young and their thriving community. Using precious materials, I started sculpting their homes, archiving their instinctual discoveries and giving honor to the small brilliant things we as humans often take for granted. Food. Family. Prosperous spaces.

I wonder if we stop questioning long enough to listen to the wind through the trees, scattered branches like bones, if we would be that much closer to quenching our own thirsts.”
-Natalie Tyler

Natalie Tyler’s work is exhibited globally.

September 2012

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