A Tibet House retreat since 2001, The Mahasukha Spa at Menla Mountain Retreat in Phoenicia, N.Y. is designed by self-described global nomad, the Irish-born interior designer Clodagh with director Nena Thurman (mamma of Uma). Authentic Buddhist wood carvings and paintings are incorporated throughout.  The Catskills meet Tibet-with a full service spa. Unique to Mahasukha are herbal baths with treatments created by Tibetan herbalists and doctors. Age-old remedies are mixed in the basement of the facility and pumped up into gleaming Kohler baths. It’s the perfect place to clear ones head for a weekend. 

The name of this spa is translated into “Great Bliss” in Sanskrit. It’s always incredible to be a couple of hours from the center of Manhattan (or any modern metropolis) and feel transported to, dare I say, a better place in time.

-Maureen Seaberg

September 2012