In the 1961 Italian romantic drama, Girl With a Suitcase, Claudia Cardinale plays Aida, a naïve lounge singer who believes in and relies heavily on the good will of others.  After being dumped by her lover, she free spirits her way to a big city and is taken in by her former lover’s brother. Her story presents a type of transient existence that many would cringe at the thought of –the idea of living out of a suitcase, or of being continually, expressly unsettled. But, what about carrying a weekender that lasts you three weeks, or even longer? Call it a portable armoire, a suitcase not out of line with a feeling of permanence.
The long lasting piece of luggage can be ideal for a leaving our more day-to-day baggage behind. Riccardo Tisci of Givenchy said, “Carrying a bag every day means it almost becomes an extension of oneself.  It’s normal that a woman gets very attached to hers.”  A bag is very personal, so personal that it becomes synonymous with the responsibilities you carry, the style you exhibit, and the “baggage” that weighs you down—every day commitments that become so ingrained in physical experience – so much a part of what we carry around – that they feel inseparable from our psyches, too.
One of the greatest things about traveling is leaving this ‘real world’ baggage behind. Pull an Aida and take off.  Set sail.  Escape. It’s so rewarding to take care of oneself—whether it’s treating oneself to a material luxury or a much-needed holiday. There are those of us who combine the two with “it” bags, the most-wanted luggage—a brand of status on wheels.  Others select something subtler—an understated, minimalist satchel for summer weeks away.
There are so many ways to do luggage, so many ways to travel- a luxury bag for every type of luxury traveler. Let’s assume you’re on a one-stop flight. We’ll walk you through our Nomad luggage favorites.
Start your trip off right by choosing carry-on luggage—so not to waste a moment of getaway time circling the baggage claim. Accessorize your travel ensemble with a Celine or Mulberry Willow bag. They are expandable luggage totes, which accommodate the over-packers while still remaining manageable enough for one’s shoulder. Or try on a Hermed duffel bag for a sophisticated classic vibe. Because they are made from the best leather, they are heavier bags; giving weight to an otherwise light assortment of caftans, bikinis, and scarves6d103elpdjh295733AB2444AC57C.
Pack an iPad and Repettos for an urban getaway in a textured vintage Gucci monogrammed bag. You’ll feel like Mary Poppins meets Victoria Beckham—ready for another Summer of Love with an oversized doctor’s bag. Get yourself a Goyard with customized initials to escape to Tulum for a long weekend- be sure to tie a few handmade friendship braceletsnc117r6Az42OVRTPPWXOQPTUQQTQ to its buckles. Retreat to a European villa with a classic voyage carry-on Balenciaga filled with tea dresses and handmade sandals. The suitcase is everything sleek about Balenciaga, without the culturally co-opted virality of the signature satchel. Or opt for Givenchy's Nightingale Trolley, which we have to admit, may be worth the lux spoiling.  And who can forget about Louis Vuitton? The classic Trianon-gray canvassed, flat-topped trunk that was first introduced in 1858 and has been a staple of aristocratic, personalized travel ever since.
With these kinds of high-end luggage pieces, we advise to avoid checking bags. Keep in mind: cloth bags are less appealing to thieves than leather luggage. Do not expect to check a bag in which you’ve packed anything valuable in or that you can’t afford to do without, especially a laptop, jewelry, or sentimental items. A carry on can definitely be played off as an accessory, or as ‘big bag chic.’ If you are more worried about the comfort and ease of traveling without gear, then check away.  However, if destination and having your belongings at your fingertips are more important, then don’t stress about those overhead plane compartments—there’s always a way to win over the airline crew.
The only bags that should be checked are Tumi type trunks, which frequent fliers swear by, and other non-descript suitcases. As much as we want to feel beautiful in our travels, at Nomad we are still staying true to the idea that the journey is more important than the luggage you keep. You can still radiate chic by personalizing a standard carry all on wheels: tying ribbons from Cartier and Chanel on it and adding travel talismans. This will give your bags charm –literally- and show off your personality, while insuring luggage is not lost or pilfered. Enjoy your trip with peace of mind and all your anywhere wear intact.
Then, splurge on a massage when you land at your destination. A perfect way to sink into a luxe, “baggage-less” getaway.
~Susan Brickell