LIZ GILBERT: Broken Spears & The Last Safari : NOMAD OF THE WEEK
images courtesy of liz gilbert 
LIZ GILBERT: Broken Spears & The Last Safari : NOMAD OF THE WEEK: AFRICA
Liz GIlbert
Nairobi, Kenya.

I made a film about Broken Spears: A Maasai Journey and Tribes of the Great Rift Valley. The people who appear in these books live in remote areas and would never have access to the books or photos of themselves. I wanted to find a way of giving the photography back to them. With that goal in mind, I rented a cinema screen, and headed back into the bush to present free evening slide shows under the stars in the villages across Kenya's Great Rift Valley. We filmed every aspect of the journey - from my own experience returning to places and people I had not seen in ten years, to those people seeing pictures of themselves for the first time, to the experience of the crew traveling with me, most of whom had never been camping before - and that is the new documentary, The Last Safari.”

The Last Safari made it’s official world premiere at the Hamptons Film Festival in October 2013.
September 2013