collage by monica brand
collage by monica brand
Sheer hues hover over the languid lance of the city summer. Pale blouses in diaphanous fabrics. Sea foam skies. Cotton candy clouds froth, coating the retina in cream, as the concrete bakes. Lost fawns wander pink alleys. Bejeweled Shahs caught in faded frescos, crowned in turmeric turbans, razor swords sheathed. Fashion models slouching in rhinestone studded Miu Miu meow-ness. Piercing adornments cooled by minty shades. Baby blue jeans. Blue Jean babes.
Chanel’s Resort 2013 collection was set on the grounds of Versailles, filled with sheer voluminous ruffled textiles mixed with light denim topped by oversized straw hats. The street style version of Marie Antoinette meets Jane Birkin. The soft and hard collision re-appears in Balenciaga’s 1930's inspired Resort collection. Echoes of Venus in Furs harness barely-there shades of yellow and peach as silk headscarves accessorize laser cut leather torsos.
Sharp accents anchor the pastel spectrum to the reality of another Summer in the City. Cement bustles on damp skin. Only cold clashes can soothe the senses in the fierce mid-week heat haze.
It’s all about the Milky Way.
July  2012