KEE EDWARDS: Traveling Style
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  What items do you never leave home without?
– I put everything in Heather Heron bags.
– Needle & Thread. 
– Scarves by Falerio Sarti and Giada Forte.
– A Canon camera and an iPhone in a wet case.
– Too many magazines. I love World of Interiors and Vogue
    especially French and Italian editions. I follow summer around the globe; 
   Australian magazines are great to read during the New York winter.
– Supergoop is my fave face sunscreen and I always carry a tube in my bag.
– Priti nail polishes and removers are oil based and won’t stink up a flight. 
   Their nail polish wipe removers are ideal for travel.
– Bikinis by Laura Urbinati and cheap Brazilian bikinis, which I buy
   in bulk from women selling them along the beach in Brazil.
– If I know I will have time on the trip to relax I bring a Canson
   Watercolor Block
 and a Winsor & Newton Watercolor Box.
Basically always too much stuff. And too many projects of “things I’m going to make”, which are ultimately discarded, because often it’s better to be present. Where I am. My regular days are so full now that on a perfect get-away I try to do nothing and meditate. Staring out at the ocean is the perfect way to relax.
What’s your typical travel outfit?
Always in the color or feel of where I’m going. No sloppy jeans or sweatpants. I like to dress for travel. It makes the passage feel much more special. I tend to wear white and cream because it’s a light and energizing palette. Dark colors can feel draining. I wear all my jewelry at once because I don’t like to place it in my luggage. I love Beatrice Valenzuela Booties. My feet get cold, so maybe travel slippers or socks if I’m wearing sandals and one or two weights in scarves. 
Karen Walker sunglassesimage-6240078-10451141 for resting the eyes.
Tried and true jet lag cure?
Stay up. Drink lots of fresh juices for all the enzymes. Vitamin D & Rhodiola Rhodesia at lunchtime can get me through the afternoon. When I had mono once, it’s all that kept me awake. And, of course, lots of espresso, which I love. 

September 2012