ICONIC NOMAD: Stevie Nicks
collage by monica brand
Singer/songwriter, flowy-fashion pioneer, ethereal gypsy. 
The mysterious Stevie Nicks takes the ups and downs of love
and transforms them into lyrics to live by.
Well, you know me I'm a nomad
I can't feel bad
About the way I am
I've been rolling around
My whole life

“Candlebright” (Trouble in Shangri-La 2001)
There is magic... all around you...
“Rooms on Fire” (The Other Side of the Mirror 1989)
Take a listen to your spirit
“I Don’t Want to Know” (Rumours 1977)
What I seem to touch these days has turned to gold...
And love is only one fine star away

“After the Glitter Fades” (Bella Donna 1981)
Step into the velvet of the morning
Let yourself lay back within your dreams…
…your fortune is your life’s love

“Think About It” (Rumours 1977)
Well it’s better to have loved and lost,
than never have loved at all

“Affairs of the Heart” (Behind the Mask 1990)
When I remember someone, I remember their dreams
“Enchanted” (Wild Heart 1983)
I run like a spirit in flight
Fearlessness is fearlessness
I will not forget this night
Dare my wild heart

“Wild Heart” (Wild Heart 1983) 

July 2012