It’s a busy day at the market. The din of voices haggling over things for sale drifts down the narrow alleys, mingling with the mélange of scents—incense, leather, sweat. Color is everywhere. Bowls of powdered dye are a rainbow at rest on a table, so tempting to plunge your hands into the vibrant piles. Exotic fabrics dangle from every available inch of the humble stalls, while dried fruit and sweet pastries sit, precariously piled on brass platters. Just looking at them makes your mouth water and your fingers feel sticky. Shiny trinkets, gleaming in the sun, beg to be purchased and you oblige. Souks and bazaars are a wonderful way to explore a culture without being too tourist-y, And the faint clink of the baubles on your wrist remain lovely souvenirs, still bustling long after you’ve left a city's streets.