Those who feel they need an emergency supply of good fortune (we’ve all had those days) may be in luckimage-6240078-10451141, especially if they live in close proximity to a farm. The horseshoeimage-6240078-10451141, protector of hooves and an integral part of Western décor, can bestow luck upon people if hung in a house, especially above the doorway.  In order to reap the lucky benefits of horseshoes, they’re most often hung above the doorways in homes, although there are conflicting views about which is the proper way to hang a horseshoe.  Some believe that hanging the u-shaped piece of iron upside down will allow luck to shower down on the occupants’ home.  Others consider this method to be dangerous as it allows thluck to “fall out of” the overturned horseshoe, and prefer to hang it the other way so that it acts as a sort of bowl to collect luck. A compromise to obtain optimum luck?  Hang it with the ends facing up- then switch the direction when an influx of luck is needed.

Horseshoes and luck have been connected since medieval times. According to some beliefs, St. Dunstan of England used the piece of iron as protection from the devil, making him promiseimage-6240078-10731106 to never enter a home with a horseshoe above the door.  Others accredit the horseshoe’s lucky reputation to its relationship with the majesticimage-6240078-10731106 and prestigious horse, an animal that has been an essential part of  travel and transport throughout history.  It is said that the more miles a horse has logged, the luckier its shoes.

-Catherine Donovan