Flash and flare. Isis to Marilyn. Queens of the throne age. Gold lust. Ultramodern versions of gold dust women. The transformative shimmer and shineimage-6240078-10731106 in the color we often strive to be as good as. Madame Midas.  Resort collections are get-away looks for the gilded guild
Alber Elbaz’s head-to-toe metallic
Lanvin looks, capped by visors. Gaze on glare. Models resemble statues busting out of their molten marble. What a relief.  Michael Kors binds shiny Turkish booty, merging urban architecture with classic Ottoman opulence and artsy ornamentation. “When you go to Istanbul, whatever you think is glamorous in the rest of the world is considered daytime there,” says Kors.
Go ahead. Embrace the disco in the day, the shamelessly lavish gleam of a
gold-dripped trip down an eastern Mediterranean lane.  

October 2012

TAGS:     resort collage gold glitter