For as long as multicellular organisms have existed, creatures have inspired the humans they live beside. From Meret Oppenheim’s infamous fur-lined teacup, to more recent work by Annette Messager, whose instillations feature majestic, inert beasts of all sizes and shapes, and Barbara Keal who hand felts large-scale hats modeled after creatures using sustainably sourced sheep and alpaca fleece, animals motivate a necessary reminder of our own inner wildness.
Just as the artic fox’s luxurious white coat allows it to blend into its surroundings, or the white-tailed deer adds a greyish-brown pelt to maintain its body heat, our own winter wear choices facilitate warmth while simultaneously making a statement about the way we interact with our environment. When the world turns colder, our mammalian bodies necessitate the addition of another layer.
What better way to channel your inner creature for the next few months than with fur made from organic, recycled materials? Vintage or fake fur provides a thick layer of coverage and is, as nature intended, quite warm. The handmade pelts of faux fur are as varied as the coats of the animals represented. Nick Cave Soundsuit creatures molt into vestsimage-6240078-10519758 and throws - evoking the beauty of the animals that emerge during the coldest months, symbolizing their ability to adapt to seasons and, in our case, cultural climates.

-Averie Timm

January 2013