I was thinking about what it meant to be a pirateimage-6240078-10731707. Not the robbing and plundering part. More the runaway bit. Out at sea. Flung into free willful maidenhood. Lawless. Placeless. Traceless. One eye open into a present forward future. The other patched into an insular gash of bruised whirl. The ravens ravenous abyss.
Vincent Price has a quote about the
pirateimage-6240078-10731708 being ‘surreal.’ Since I was a child, I always heard the word as ‘so real’. Irreverent moods like lunar tides. The bullion of a carefully plundered treasure chest sewn into the folds of my torso. Adorned in the couture cavalier of pirateimage-6240078-10906290 garb. Staring at my reflection in a stolen silver spoon, transformedimage-6240078-11073378 into a mirror by the full moon refracting off of the ocean. A spectacle for myself. 

September 2012