FASHION : Cusco Style , Peru : Alta Moda by Mario Testino
photographs courtesy of Mario Testino; CLICK THE GOLD ARROW BELOW FOR THE NEXT SLIDE
FASHION: Style in Peru : Alta Moda by Mario Testino ART: Alta Moda by Mario Testino : Photo Exhibition
  Beyond the necessary functions of the Cusco peoples’ articles of clothing, the beautiful colors, patterns, and embellishments are pure representations of their unique cultural aesthetic. The diversity of Peruvian headwear is astonishing and presents inspiring proof of the ingenuity of people with little exposure to the conformity of design that exists outside of their small communities. Expertly crafted clothing and hats are the pride and joy of women taught to weave, dye, and felt wool from a very young age. They are objects that allow women to share their capabilities with those around them. Their hard work is wearable wealth representing time, care, and skill.
~Anna Yanofsky
February 2014